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Code of Practice

What to expect when interacting with the employees of Dempsey Corporation.

We are honest and respectful with each other; with our suppliers; and, with our customers. We accept responsibility for our actions. We have a job to do, and we do it to the highest level of quality possible. We come to the table with intelligent and creative solutions. We bring our best to the business each day.

We will make it happen!

What we expect from those interacting with our employees.

We expect any person interacting with our employees to be honest, professional, and respectful in their dealings. Dempsey Corporation is committed to building and preserving a safe, productive, and healthy working environment for its employees, free from violence and harassment. We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour towards our employees as it prevents them from feeling safe, valued and healthy at work.All complaints will be investigated fully, and appropriate action will be taken, as required by law.


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