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Dempsey Biotech

Dempsey Biotech

Specializing in diagnostic, fermentation as well as in nutrients for cell culture to improve growth and productivity of microorganisms, animal and plant cells.


Frederick Goffart
Sales Director

Inspired by Science

Your Biotech Experts

Technical Expertise - A specialized recommendation for each production process by a trained biotech team.

Flexibility - Personalized deliveries according to your needs. Fast and small quantities ordered are possible due to the storage in our warehouse.

Intimacy - The biotech team has a close relationship with its customers to facilitate the exchange of information and provide quickly with the best solutions.

Quality - A quality team dedicated to meeting the latest European regulatory requirements.

Innovation - A constant search to offer the best alternatives and new ingredients in a competitive market.

The Science of Compliance.

Our team of Biotech experts, speak your language and are focused on providing tailor-made solutions to your needs.

Pipetting Samples
Concrete Wall

“Our mission is to find new and unique materials so you can create the best of nature.”


Frederick Goffart
(Sales Director)

Dempsey Biotech

Our Products

Yeast Cultures
Cryopreservation Ingredients
Stabilized Vegetable Oils

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